Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hello and Welcome!

This blog is dedicated to sharing my thoughts on gardening in general and on the evolution and progress of my garden at my home in Albany, NY.

We moved into a "fixer upper" almost two years ago and the yard was in desperate need of help. We have already done a great deal of work but we also have a long way to go. To make the bigger jobs seem less arduous, I have planted plenty of bulbs and perennials. Right now I am waiting to see my spring bulbs come up. I am taking part in a contest revived by the Woman's Club of Albany Gardening Society. It is the "Plant Your Front Yard Contest" and used to be a big thing apparently. In order to revive it they offered 50 free tulip bulbs to participants.

I got some nice Barcelona Tulips, and planted them with a few other varieties (Recreado, Queen of Night, and some others), plus plenty of pink daffodils, multi-colored hyacinths and grape hyacinths. I can't wait to see all the color in a few weeks.

Albany loves its tulips! The photo above was taken last year at the annual Tulip fest in Washington Park.


Barbee' said...

Hello, I found you on Blotanical and came over to read awhile. Next thing I knew, I was down here at the beginning! Your photos are lovely! And your plans for planting before the wedding sound great; I know it was a lot of work getting ready. I don't blame you for entering the front yard contest to get all those tulip bulbs. Tulips are expensive. Yes, I know about Albany's tulips. One of our sons lived in that area for a few years. He took gorgeous photos of the park downtown where they have so many tulips. Then he set them up as my screen saver on this computer. I see them everyday, and they are unbelievably beautiful!
See you around Blotanical! Cheers!

Peg A said...

thanks for visiting! I have not been doing much on this blog in recent months but hoe to change that soon!